Cultivating Personal Creativity

You’re creative.  What do you do to cultivate your creativity?

You’re an professional athlete, chess player or chef.  To be awesome you have to do awesome.  Practice it.  Think about it.  Do it.  Know when not to do it.  How to let it flow.  When to turn it on.  When to stop.  Explore your limitations.  Go beyond your limitations to greatness.

Creativity has to be cultivated.  Push, pulled, squashed, played with, set on fire, put to rest, brought alive and sometimes admired while completely confused.

Have you asked yourself what the super creatives do to be creative?  Think of the person you admire as the most creative person you know (or what to know).  Do a little research.  What do they do to “be creative?  My guess is that they live to create.

Is this what you are doing?  Or are you distracted?  Feeling stuck?  Wondering where the hell the next idea will come from.  Working on a project that you truly aren’t passionate about.  In search of your voice.  Seeking renewal?

It’s a new year.  How will you live to create?


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