A Void? Avoid.

The other day a question flash across my brain. The question was, “Are you searching for or attracting what you want and need in your life?”

I sat down and started to journal. I made a list. I crossed stuff off the list. I meditated. I went for a walk. I wrote a blog post and deleted it.

The thing is, it’s a question to be answered over time by your inner most soul. In other words, it is a question for your soul’s journey. So many times I’ve caught myself being too busy, wrapped up in work and simply distracted by nifty yet not needed “things.” I’ve also caught myself cutting myself into pieces. I’m work Shanon, wearing suits and kick ass heels. Workout Shanon with my yoga pants, doing Crossfit and running up hills. And throw on so many more hats that are all on the same head.

This dividing of myself doesn’t serve me nor anyone else in my life. It’s an illusion. Organizations perpetuate this by dividing people into teams, job descriptions and departments. Assumptions are made about who can do what, by others, by ourselves. We’re dividing and conquering, what exactly? We’re searching for what exactly? Profit, wealth, a career, stability, acceptance by focusing on what’s in between what we want and what we have now. Is it…

A void? Avoid. Is that what we want and how we want to behave?

Rather than spending time searching in the void between what is and what may be, let’s attract what we want. Maybe even fully recognizing what we do have. It’s a shift in thinking that we need to avoid the void. So I’ve been playing around with these shifts:



Complaint Commitment
Blame Responsibility
New Year’s Resolution Completing Commitments
Big assumptions that hold us Assumptions that we hold
Prizing and praising Ongoing regard
Rule and policies Public agreement
Constructive criticism Deconstructive criticism
Certainty Curiosity
Fear Generosity
Expert Learn as you go
Plans Attempts as experiments
Past and future Present

What are your thoughts?



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