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shanonsmilingConnector of Ideas and People: Possibility Lover: Grounded Advice: Positive Energy Emitter

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I am an independent thinker who develops strategies for people to engage with each other better.  I work with individuals and groups of people.  I’m a Social Change Consultant.  I help develop social change strategy, facilitate conversations and advise creatives.  I approach work with an open heart and a belief in the power of we over me.

Previously, in the life of…

My mom always said, “as long as there is one good person on earth, we will all be okay.  You must do and be your best.”  I believe you, me and everyone has unique gifts that connect in a wildly beautiful tapestry that I refer to as ‘the universe.’

From mom’s advice in a small town with a lot of cows, Amish and Mennonite people to a town called Lancaster, with less cows and more people, I find myself living a multi-passionate life.  I’ve manifested a career and life unique to me.  I’m passionate about public education, people being themselves, cultivating creativity, youth development and connections between people, places and things.

My curiosity in connections has led me to make changes within me.  My personal work, led to work with other individuals to groups to organizations. I help people make change happen using their strengths and gifts.  My gift is mentoring change makers.  It feels exhilarating, looks like hands on exercises that surprise you with your brilliance and results in your world being better because change begins with you.

I have a BS in Speech Communication and a BA in Political Science. I finished most of my Masters in Community Psychology and Social Change before realizing action was more important when compared to writing a thesis. I still read and write fantastic stuff but I don’t earn credits for it.

I loved my time serving kids as part of a school and community collaborative. I met wonderful mentors and friends for life doing a little thing called collaboration. The work continues today in the form of a part time job as Executive Director of the Lancaster Education Foundation.  I’m proud of the students who are thriving as a result of people working together.

Food makes me happy, especially when it’s stinky cheese, black olives and involves hot sauce (not necessarily in one dish).  My dog and my hubby make my life amazing on a daily basis.

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Email: Use it, please. It’s connected to my phone. Shanon@solavareidconsulting.com is the super terrific way of contacting me. I read all my emails and reply to as many as humanly possible. If you don’t hear from me, I missed it. It’s time for…

Twitter or facebook @solavareid You are following me right? Same goes for facebook, my name is Shanon Solava Reid. Did you know that? I hyphenate the last part sometimes too, as in Solava-Reid.

As mentioned above, I do have a phone. When my phone number is posted on here it leads to weird calls that distract me from my real work. I’ll be happy to share it with you after we connect.

I can’t wait to meet you, wondrous person you.


Share and share more. I think my stuff is brilliant:) Feel free to share it, give credit like you should please. Be kind.

With Kindness!

SHANON (two n’s not three)



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