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shanonsmilingConnector of Ideas and People: Possibility Lover: Grounded Advice: Positive Energy Emitter

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I am a Change Consultant who develops strategies for people to maximize personal, organizational and community change.  Why? So the world is a better place.  Everyone wants to change the world.  I help you make it happen.  I work with individuals and groups in board rooms, co-working spaces, classrooms and community rooms.  My tools are meditation, systems theory, coaching exercises and creativity.

Previously, in the life of…

At the age of 8, I won an award for an anti-smog poster titled “Cork It.”  I realized I could help make the world a better place.  In 2010, I started a blog and it turned into contract work for amazing clients.

I have Bachelor’s degrees in Speech Communication and a Political Science. I studied Community Psychology and Social Change at Penn State University. I read and explore daily.

I have completed work in Vipassana Mediation, Kaizen Muse Creativity, Reiki, Parent and Youth Engagement, Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Management.

I loved my time serving kids as part of a school and community collaborative. I met wonderful mentors and friends for life doing a little thing called collaboration.  I’m proud of the students who are thriving as a result of people working together.

And for the fun of it:

I am….

Shanon Solava-Reid.

Changing from within so the world is a better place.

Believing in impermanence.

A woman with soul and tornado-like tendencies.

A community psychologist. It’s a real thing with formal university degrees and everything.


Described as mysterious and surprised by it.

An advocate for children, woman’s rights and equality.

Curious as to how much beauty there is in this world.

A believer in love.

Recovering from disappointment.

Attempting to grow vegetables in my front yard.

A person who wakes up early to work out and loves naps.

The author of visualizations and personal development gold mines.

A beer kind of girl, who drinks whiskey sometimes.

In love.

A meditator and Reiki practitioner.

From a small town with thousands of dairy cows.

Humbled by the love that my dad showed my mom when she passed away from dementia.

Human with an extraordinary talent for helping you connect with yourself and the world around you.


With Kindness,






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