Having It All

What does having it all mean to you? I have to admit, I’ve recently been feeling stuck and burdened by the freedom of choice. I must have said, WTF to myself a hundred times in the last 3 months. Then, this question came into my awareness – what does having it all mean to you? And life is flowing once again.

Here’s my list. It’s what I plan to focus and manifest over the next few months/years.

  1. Freedom of choice – having it, using it, demonstrating it.
  2. Independence – of thought, of physical movement, earnings and love.
  3. A sense of belonging
  4. Enjoying the continuous pursuit of unleashing the power within me.
  5. My hubby.
  6. Financial freedom – able to pay the bills one time, purchase what I want when I want it, some savings.
  7. Intellectual challenges.
  8. Color, patters and scents.
  9. Movement of my body, light and energy.
  10. The ability to heal.
  11. Basic needs met. Roof, optimal temp, safety, water and food.
  12. Freshness, specifically when it comes to food.
  13. Being loved.
  14. Music, especially by powerful blues singers and women.
  15. Meaningful work.
  16. Nature and a sense of responsibility around interconnectedness.
  17. Alone time.
  18. Silence.
  19. Drinks – water, stout, tea and coffee.
  20. Forgiveness.

Top 3 High Five Friday E-Newsletters of 2013

#1 Where Are You? - April 12, 2013

A call comes in, maybe from a child, a friend or a person waiting for you and they pop the question, where are you?

What if we ask this same question of ourselves? Where are you?

Where are you when you’re driving your car here and there? You are at the helm of approximately 5,000 lbs of metal. Depending on your speed, that is a lot of power and force you control. And yet, we eat, we sing and dance, we gawk, we talk on the phone, we distract ourselves from driving.

So, where are you AND what are you doing? So many people get distracted by the questions – where am I going OR my favorite, why am I here? We’ll get there, I promise. Honestly, if we won’t get there, it’s because we didn’t start here – WHERE ARE YOU?

Need an activity to help you figure out where you are? Start listening, truly listening, to the questions asked of you by your most influential person. Your most influential person is the person in your life that causes you to act the most. Remember thinking is an act. For two weeks, consistently write down the questions this person asks. After two weeks, review and reflect on the questions. Then determine where you are. Mark your ‘X.”

And the reader said: “Hi Shanon. Thank you so much for sharing. This high five came at the exact moment that I needed to receive this message. It’s beautiful. Thank you!

#2 Fine Lines – September 20, 2013

There’s a fine line between being liberated and free spirited
Life exploration, mid-life liberation and growing wise
Maybe, yes, and I’ll get to it someday.
Realizing all the time in the world means you need to make the most of it now.
Pushing is really pulling, and being still is the best.
Wondering, wandering and doing nothing can be the same thing.
Busy time bursts are the momentum of years of work.
There’s a fine line in knowing and the truth.

Exercise:  Take note of the fine lines in your life.  Where do you have so much clarity that you can see easily see distinctions?

And the reader said: “Did you write the piece with this week’s High Five Friday?   I love it.   I actually see it being applicable in many different ways.   Do you mind if I share it with people, Right now, I specifically want to share it with a class that I am teaching at Millersville University.  I think it relates well to the themes of liberation and knowledge that we use to explore the learning edge we are all on when it comes to raising our social consciousness.”

#3 Bound to Be Successful – October 25, 2013

How am I bound to be successful? This question is not a question about success.  It’s about re-membering, being in your bliss, adapting, testing boundaries, dreaming and your fantastic reality.

I’m bound to be successful is a way of thinking.  So many times we catch ourselves saying “I’ll try my best.” Let’s be honest, trying is our way of dealing with reality, but it’s not exactly the most positive approach to life. It’s a way for us to grapple with reality.

I’m bound to be successful is a declaration.  It’s a recognition that you have what you need, to do what you want. You’re bound to be successful!

And the reader said: “This is the positivity I need in my life!”

With Kindness,


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Warning Signs

Life has many warning signs. The gut feeling that you shouldn’t go there or you should leave now. The consistent internal conflict that arises from a certain relationship. The big arrow saying this way placed beside the path of least resistance. Life becomes full of maybes – fast and furious. The karma is devastating. The karma takes you higher.

Reality is you get sick, you cry (a lot), you feel frustrated and down right unhappy. Good for you, you are aware. You’re alive.

I’ve been thinking about my soul journey. What are the sign posts? What are the warning signs? Am I doing the right things? Am I being me? I am thinking big enough? Small? Does it even matter what I think?

Then it happened. A sense inside me that can only be described as inner peace. I learned a new word, equanamous. I felt radiant. I got tired. I got up from the nap and took a walk. Up and down. Up and down I went. Year to year, month to month, day by day in the moment and out.

Up and down WE go. And I realized, they aren’t warning signs. They are sensations. Sensations that say, you’re human. Just be. The shift happened and I won’t ever be the same.


Your Stuff is Not My Stuff

When you spend time with me you’ve heard me say, that’s your stuff, not my stuff.  At one time, and from time to time,  I think I have to follow all the rules. As mini-Shanon, following the rules was good.  I wanted to be good.  I was rewarded.  Some where, around the age of 8, I realized rules we guidelines.  My rewards changed.

I won an award for creating an anti-pollution poster.  Appraise!  I learned stoves are very hot; hot enough to light oil on fire.  Oil is flammable.  I became a better cook.  I said the wrong thing in a meeting.  Glares.  I said the wrong thing in a meeting and career opportunities appeared.  I showed up to places where “I didn’t belong” and walked away with new friends.  I “belonged” and never fit in.  Crazy rules.

My favorite rule of all?  Your stuff is not my stuff.  Explicit in this rule is choice.  I can choose to accept your stuff.  I don’t have to take on your stuff.  I can’t change you. I can’t change the situation, the lesson, the experience…it.  Please beware of your ‘it.’  There are no take backs for lived experiences. Your sadness, madness, praise and acclaim, it’s yours.  My celebration, strengths, hardships and “learning lessons,” they are mine.  We can connect and we cannot exchange our awareness.

I knew I was on to something, with my new rule, when a personal transformational shift occurred. The rewards changed. The gifts have been life altering. But that story is for another day, it’s exercise time.

High Five Shimmer – Ellen’s Q’s


High Five Friday’s is my e-newsletter.  High Five reader Ellen, recently submitted the following questions in response to reading something I wrote about assumptions

How do you treat the person who you dislike the most? Do you avoid them? Do you think of things that they will do when you are around them? Do you see redeemable qualities in them? Do you see parts of yourself in them?

Thank you, Ellen, for reading and sharing your questions.

My journal exercise went something like this:

List of ways I treat people I dislike

When I dislike a person it is for a reason and I need to shift my relationship to that person. Avoiding people can work to my advantage and often keeps me sane. I believe in the power of timing and good timing is rarely immediate. At the same time, dislike is a feeling that arises because now is the time for me to deal with something about me. I reflect on me and my actions, not the other person. Depending on the level of emotional charge the reflection period time varies.



The Kind of Woman I Want to Be

I want to be the kind of woman that shows off my tattoos in her 80′s. I want to be the kind of woman that doesn’t look back. The master of letting go. A women with mild impatience for the little things and a fierce impatience for the big things.

The kind of woman that can shoot a look saying you’re wrong, go to hell or simply back off buddy;  while maintaining total grace in movement, thought and action.  The kind of woman you know not to cross because you’re sure she will make your life hell.  Yet, the first person you call for help because I bring the calm, caring perspective and love needed to get from the survival of a bad situation to the thriving of being alive.

Someone you share the level of comfort with to skip the small talk and jump to the grit that makes life exciting.  The woman who peaks your interest with equal parts mystery and curiosity.  The one who asks why.  Why are you doing that?  Is it serving you?  How? As if saying, you can do better, you’re right, be you, get over yourself while I convey a sincere sense of gratitude for sharing. I listen.

The woman whose very presences you welcome, you don’t know why yet you accept it as good.  The woman you don’t exactly want to be because I am one in infinity. There’s an acceptance and err of openness yet a line that you shouldn’t cross for fear of interrupting my bad ass universe.

A woman of practicality who takes on significant social change.  A person who acknowledges the soul journey and maximizes being alive.

I am, and I am going to be.

Why What People Say Doesn’t Matter

Sometimes people say things about you.  Sometimes positive and true.  Sometimes negative and down right ugly.  Maybe true too?  Here’s the thing.  What people say about you is your reputation.  You can’t control other people.  You certainly can’t control what they say about you as an individual.

You can be you, and control your character.  Your character is who you are and how you act.  People can sense when you’re not you.  Sometimes, when they’re cheering for you, which they usually are, they say wow, you’re meant to be doing this.  Or they pull you aside and give you pointers.  Are you open to this advice?

The most amazing thing about your character is that you control 100% of it.  Just you, no one else.  But that’s not amazing, right?  Here is the amazing part:

When you have such a strong character it will out shine your reputation in such a way that no matter what people say about you, your character is what people will remember.  Your character will become the reason people call you, recommend you and want to be around you.

Assumptions That We Hold

What is the difference between the assumptions that we hold and assumptions that hold us?

Assumptions that we hold are typically based on experience. A particular interaction with a person. A television spot we saw. You’ve seen the clutter and drank the Kool-Aid. You didn’t mean to. You might not be thinking about what you are perpetuating. You just do it.

Assumptions that we hold are also based on experience. We hold things close to us that are important. Things like values and feelings. What if we embraced the assumptions that we hold? What if you put those assumptions that you hold to work for you?

Imagine this: You are holding all your power in your hands in the form of an orb. Take your orb on a journey for an hour. Pay attention to any self doubt that make creep in. Hold the intention to be positive and be yourself. Let the journey begin.


I Love to Be Alone

I have a confession. I love to be alone. My most vivid memories from my childhood are when I was alone. Laying in the backyard staring at the wind blowing the trees. I loved hiking in the mountains by myself. I LEARNED to have fun with other people. I LEARNED to work with people.

I’m easily exhausted in a world full of extroverts. All that processing…out loud! I love the time by myself. No distractions. No talking. It’s quiet. It’s focused. It’s curious and full of dreams. So how does someone in love with alone time do community change work? You know, work with other people. Better yet, why?

Answering why is easy. I’m needed….I’m destine to be at the table. The world needs people who frame collaborative work from within themselves. It’s grounding to the process.

Shanon Smiling

Answering how is more difficult. Here’s my short list of what works for me:

Shine On Shimmer

A Shine On client had this to share about her experience:

“Shine On! Sessions were absolutely the best thing I ever bought for myself.  I felt stuck, overwhelmed and discontent with my life and what I was doing.   At times I thought of hiring some type of  business or life coach, but after a few Google searches canned the idea knowing that it wasn’t quite the service I wanted.  One Friday afternoon, I opened up my email to find the latest message, High Five Fridays, Shanon’s enewletter I had subscribed to and had been following for over a year.  I was excited to read it since they always inspired me and provided some fun activity that was helpful to me.   While reading her latest post, I realized I wanted to take the individual sessions she offers.  Her sessions were filled with thought provoking, fun activities that were personalized just for me and what I wanted to get out of the sessions.  Ultimately, each session and my time spent in between, challenged me to grow, led me to know more happiness and love in my life, and showed me how to shine on and live the life I always wanted. ”

Shine On! meets you where you are and helps you explore where you would like to be. Shine On! is a personal development process aimed at you being your best self.

Shine On! involves these steps:
1. Development of a personal mission
2. Clarification and self reflection
3. Inspiration for attraction
4. Practicing your intentions

Everyone is unique so my work with you is customized. This is deeply personal work and has the potential to create change in you life. Read more.