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Get Shit Done

Sometime around February I fell into a slump. I fell off my own band wagon. I got sick, felt like I had no energy, may have been cranky and to top it off I injured my shoulder. Then I decided to adopt the mantra ‘get shit done.’ My adoption was inspired by a Shine On client and my inner voice screaming, pull yourself together.

We step off the path from time to time. What is important is how fast we recognize our departure. A life time can slip by. A career. A month. Hours. And a bunch of what ifs show up. That’s not living.

What I like about ‘get shit done’ is that it’s somewhat spiritual in the sense that it’s about the present. The here and now of living life. AND it’s nonspecific, involves shit and is action oriented. That sums up so much for me, I hope you can identify.

Since I’ve embraced my new mantra I’m doing some things differently. I’m reading two new-to-me horoscopes. They are enlightening, thought provoking and positive. Which I appreciate because not all horoscopes are positive. Hare in the Moon posts daily on facebook and has a web site. Then I’m reading Rob Brezsny writing.  He is apparently is rather popular and can be found online. He’s simply wild and I love it. Both serve up inspiration for getting shit done in a world of connectedness.

Then I enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B School. Wow is it getting me organized. I’m going super pro with my consulting business. More to come as I unveil a new web site in the next few weeks. The entire process is helping me get my creative energy flowing in a direction that is fulfilling AND organized so I can clearly communicate my services and business model.

What do you do to get shit done? Try listing 50 things that you need to accomplish within the next week. Listing exercises that go beyond 30 are important because it helps us get past the familiar and onto the important stuff. After you list 50, review the list and pick 5-8. Now your list is more manageable and you are more likely to get shit done.




‘Voice your concerns’ is simply something people say when there are already problems. What if you loved your voice? What if you figured out how to share your voice in your unique way at just the right time? You would enjoy working with other people (more) and love yourself (more). Now we’re talking, right?

But what if you use your voice and people scoff, you don’t like yourself or people get snarky with you? Valid concerns, really, but ‘their reaction’ is totally out of your control. Wouldn’t you rather do things your way? lovingly, with kindness and in the stream of awesomeness. Yep, your head is nodding, yep. Don’t you want to be a better you? Hell yes!

You have a decision to make. You can share your voice or not. You can control how much, when and how. It’s totally up to you. You can determine voice has very little to do with speaking and everything to do with listening and acting.

Voice becomes real when you decide to look in the mirror and BE in the mirror. Not yesterday, three minutes ago and not tomorrow. Your voice is you.

Exercise: Look yourself in the mirror. Embrace your voice, you beautiful being you.

Go the extra mile and share what you learned from completing the exercise in the comment section below or here.


It’s a Process

I’m in the middle of revamping my business. I am going through a creativity process that is centered on my strengths and belief that I must create my path. It’s exactly the same process I use for Shine On! sessions. Yes, surprise, it works for me too!

About a year ago I took a part time job. I’m learning new things and practicing my expertise.  The PT gig helps me focus on making changes in public education. At the same time my consulting business has continued to expand in the exact ways that I dream of it expending.

In February I decided to step back and reassess business, life and dreams.  I’ve pull apart the pieces of my business. Some piece I’m letting go. Other pieces I adore and want to lovingly cultivate. New ideas have been festering. I am currently testing and exploring. I’m listening to my heart and manifesting. These things take time. I’m sensing change and I’m in my happy place.

Comment below on your big life changes. I welcome the inspiration. Or email me at shanon at


I Shall Find a Way or Make One

 This title phrase sums up how I feel about creating a life all my own.  More specifically, my world and the world of the people around me.  A sonic boom of kindness and love. For me, for you. For me on my own terms. For you, on your own terms. For us – united, connected, one.

Better than fear.  Better than violence.  Better. I choose love.

Those are the thoughts circling in my mind. When I’m writing and listening to Johnny Lang. When I become conscious after a guided meditation. When I’m wondering and wander lusting.

When I think back to the start of my journey of getting back to my soul journey a few years ago, I chuckle. Okay, I laugh at myself. My unwillingness to stand up for myself. My denial about “this is the way careers go.” The me versus them thinking. Then I delight on returning to my center. I’m overwhelmed with the kindness bestowed upon me to help me increase my awareness.

I recently had a personal adviser ask me, so what’s next? My, in the moment answer, “I don’t know.” To which he said, you seem comfortable. I smiled, took a deep breath and launched into a list of things that I wanted to change. Comfortable? No, that’s bad, I’ll prove to you I’m not comfortable. People, situations – challenges. Change is good and I’m creating changing….here’s why…. Then I stopped. Quiet pause. Another smile. Then I said, “you know, I’m comfortable not knowing what’s next, acknowledging that things are what they are. I’m not interested in changing ‘those people,’ I’m simply willing to making a way.”

The conversation continued but there it was, I had been feeling off kilter. Questioning. Allowing negative self talk to play. Resisting. Then I stopped. I’ve tried finding a way. It didn’t work. It’s not working. I had just listed a long list of reasons why.

I know I can “make ways.” It’s a lot like walking on the edge between two very high valleys of doom. I go strong, generally feel secure then the wind picks up and I may fall. It’s unnerving. I become fearful. Things go wrong, I fall grasping to hold on. Then I jump up on the edge again. Everything is okay. I shall find a way or make one.




Feeling Through Experiencing


When I got serious about changing my life I started to experience the world differently. I started to notice that people move very fast. I questions whether I was moving fast and why? Then I questioned if I should be moving faster? Slower? Then I quieted my mind (interpret, finally got serious about meditation). I laid down in a field and stared at the clouds. Then I laid in a pool and stared at the clouds. The answer was up there, I knew it.

It might be. The meaning of life may be in the sky. I can’t interpret the clouds. I do know that the sky entertains me and makes me feel. The sunrise gives me hope. The sunset is comforting and brings contentment. The big fluffy clouds in the shapes of animals, rockets and goofy faces make me giggle and smile. The stars make me wonder and the starts’ twinkle, oh the twinkling, it makes me want to move mountains.

Our lives are shaped by these experiences. Every day. Moment to moment. And so I determined I should get better at experiencing. This led to a commitment to listening and being present. I’m still working on it, but day after day there are more messages. More encouragement at just the right time. More thought provoking signs, quotes, phrases people say that makes me look inward. More creating change from within. It feels right. It feels good.





Welcoming the New Year (2013)

Look fear in the eye and say “ Hell no. Not this year. I choose love.” So what, people may stare, give them something to stare at. Look in the mirror, tremble if you need to and then smile, you’re better today then you were yesterday and tomorrow you will be awesome. Everything is okay. Everything will be okay. Think super nova, double rainbow, all star, archangel, super fabulous, go get ‘em tiger, hooah (pronounce it “OohRah!”) and hell yeah!

List your intentions. Let them guide you on the wild ride ahead of you. The journey that is you. Get over yourself and your fears. You are awesome and beyond awesome is ahead of you.

What if you got everything you deserved, everything you asked for, what if you have everything you need right now?

Everything you want – right now!

Now, take a deep breath, in and out, think happy thoughts, focus on your intentions, pull your shoulder back, breath in everything you desire and breath out and just ask. Ask for all the love in the world, all the positive energy needed to support your intentions.

Cheers to knowing from within, being fearless and being intentional!


Pushing Your Own Limitations

Sometimes you have to think big to to grow your life.

So here’s the question, what are ten things things that you don’t think you can do?

Maybe it’s a headstand, maybe it’s jump out of a plane, maybe it’s listen to someone who really needs listened to or maybe it’s spending 15 minutes alone in the woods.

In scenario one I’m afraid to fall and hurt myself.  So I think to myself and attempt the action, I can do a headstand assisted by a wall. Scenario two is on my bucket list, I haven’t figured out what I’m waiting for but until recently I was extremely fearful of losing control.  Somehow I’ve learned that I don’t have control, simply choices and jumping out of a plane seems like an experience that  I want to choose. Scenario 3, I’m absolutely afraid of hearing something that will draw up some kind of emotion that will crush me.  Although I have a sense that I can handle anything, there’s still a small voice, sometimes, that says, that emotions may push me over the end. Scenario number 4, I’ve tried and I love it. I started the practice of meditation in the woods when I was a kid and I’m grateful for it.

Here’s a video for inspiration – the amazing transformation of a guy who didn’t give up.


Just Crazy Enough

To create change in the world you have to be willing to be “just crazy enough.” This means you have to be willing to risk sharing your true self with the world. The parts that shine and the parts that allow you to shine but aren’t so pretty. You have to be able to get attention, just enough to be inspiring and listened to but not too much to overwhelm yourself or others. Enough crazy for you to act and get other people to act with self awareness. You have to be just crazy enough that caring beats out the actions of the careless.

Being just crazy enough is a wild journey of life similar to:

  • Running joyously like a wild animal when the gate has been left open (both feet off the ground)
  • The uncontrollable laugh that makes your cheeks hurt, eyes water and belly sore
  • The feeling you have when you’re just about to leap into the unknown (aka the verge)

And so my friend..

Be strong because you’ve made mistakes

Be fearless because you’ve scared yourself yet persevered

Be wise because you’ve made mistakes, learned, and now you know what to do the next time you make a mistake

Be open because there are people you know and haven’t met yet that are your friends

Be gracious because the universe is conspiring in your favor

Be just crazy enough!


Jaywalking and Decision Making

I have to admit it, I’m a jaywalker. Technically speaking, a jaywalker is a reckless pedestrian. A jaywalker is also a person who illegally crosses a road. So, I’m a jaywalker in the sense that I don’t always use the crosswalk nor do I always wait for the walking signal.

Am I waiting at a corner of a sidewalk where there is no traffic in sight so I can simply follow the rules for being a pedestrian?  (understated symbolic life question)

Give me a road with no traffic, I look both ways and then I walk across the road. Let’s be clear, I’m not jumping out in front of cars, I’m not “playing chicken” nor am I allowing a few tons of heavy metal to come any where near me, but I do jaywalk.

I jaywalk for a few reasons:

  • I prefer to figure things out on my own rather then be told what to do
  • Rules don’t always apply; some rules are made up; common sense rules
  • I don’t always trust drivers to obey signals and sometimes it’s simply safer to jaywalk
  • I’m very good at weighing risks quickly, efficiently and effectively
  • Convenience
  • I know “how to color outside the lines.”

As I smile and jaywalk, I often smile because I know that I’m practicing what I value. In the case of jaywalking, it’s the knowledge that I can make effective decisions and that I know when to play it safe and when to take a risk.




Shine On! Shining Brighter So the World Benefits

As a child I loved the song, “This Little Light of Mine.”  I learned it in Sunday School and still, to this day, when I find self doubt creeping in or I’m in an uncomfortable situation, I start humming it. It’s one of a few songs that I’ve trained myself to focus on as an alternative to self doubt.  It’s one of my soul songs;…. “this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine”…. Damn right, I’m gonna let it shine, like the blazing sun!

So when I sat down to revamp Solava Reid Consulting this summer, the song jumped into my head.  And there is was, the moment when something is so clear that you have to do it.  Shine On!  was birthed.  I’m happy to announce the next evolution of Solava Reid Consulting.  My business is equal parts organizational development and personal development.

When I work with organizations I do strategic planning, grant writing and program development.  I even put my personal development practice into work and facilitate trainings.  My personal development work comes in the form of  key note speaking gigs, workshops and now….Shine On!  Shine on! is one-on-one personal development sessions for people willing to explore where they want to be.  It involves working through self doubt, training your brain, creativity exercises, visualizations, healing energy, yoga advice and more.

More about Shine On!

Shine On! meets you where you are and helps you explore where you would like to be. Shine On! is a personal development process aimed at you being your best self.

Shine On! involves these steps:
1. Development of a personal mission
2. Clarification and self reflection
3. Inspiration for attraction
4. Practicing your intentions

Everyone is unique so my work with you is customized. This is deeply personal work and has the potential to create change in you life.

How can Shine On! help me?  Personal development can help you:

  • Manage self doubt so you can make daily decisions in line with your personal mission and values
  • Integrate positive self practices into your life
  • Share your unique gifts with the world
  • Launch something new in your life
  • Transition into a positive space during an uncomfortable period in life
  • Gain Perspective

Everyone is unique so my work with you is customized. This is deeply personal work and has the potential to create change in you life.

Starter package: Five, hour and a half sessions plus weekly inspiration

Cost = $500 (Sessions can we weekly or twice a month.)

Location: 227 North Duke Street, Lancaster, PA or via Skype

Also at a conference location near you.  Check in for schedule updates.